When you spend time and money whitening your teeth, you want to ensure that your smile stays as bright as possible. There are steps you can take at home to ensure that you make the most of your investment and keep your smile white for a very long time.
Good Oral Hygiene
Brushing your teeth at least twice per day will help to keep your teeth white. You may also want to discuss using a whitening toothpaste and antibacterial mouth rinse with your dentist. Ask for recommendations on the right products for your needs as not all toothpaste and rinses are effective.
Change Your Habits
Lifestyle habits such as smoking or tobacco use can affect the brightness of your smile. Tobacco leaves a yellowish brown stain on your teeth that is hard to remove with just brushing alone.
Avoiding beverages such as coffee, tea, dark colas, and red wine will also help preserve the brightness of your smile. If you can’t give up your morning cup of coffee or your glass of red wine at night, be sure to follow up with water to act as a rinse and to hydrate your mouth.
Regular Dental Cleanings
Nothing brightens your smile like professional teeth cleaning. Your hygienist is often able to remove tough stains with scaling tools and polish.
Use Your Take-Home Trays for Touch-Ups
When you choose teeth whitening in Lockport with Dr. Kaplansky, you will receive a take-home whitening kit that will help you touch-up at home whenever you like. Take-home trays are customized for your teeth to avoid any injury from excess whitening gel. You can use whitening gel you receive from our office to update your smile at home anytime you like.
If you have questions about whitening treatments we offer, how to protect your smile, contact our office today.