If you have a cracked tooth, you might not even know it. The molars in the backs of our mouths are particularly susceptible to cracks because of the force they must absorb when we are chewing.
Because there may or may not be any symptoms associated with a cracked tooth, it’s important to visit your Lockport dentist regularly. Some cracks might be just cosmetic, but others can be more serious and mean you’ll need treatment.
What Kind of Treatment Will I Need for a Minor Crack?
Chances are, if the crack is minor and has only impacted your tooth enamel, no treatment will be needed. If these tiny lines—called craze lines—are unattractive from an esthetic standpoint, your dentist can polish them. Your teeth will immediately look better.
What Kind of Treatment Will I Need for a Major Crack?
Cracks that go deeper will need to be treated to prevent infection or an even deeper crack or fracture. Treatments such as a crown, root canal, or extraction might be recommended, depending on how deep the crack is.
If the soft tissue has not been impacted by the crack, a filling or a crown might prevent the crack from getting worse. If the soft tissue has been damaged, your dentist might recommend a root canal before the crown is placed on the affected tooth.
What if I Think My Tooth Is Cracked?
If you are noticing pain or sensitivity when you are chewing or when hot or cold liquids hit your tooth, you might have a crack. The best thing to do is to call your dentist right away. Meanwhile, until your appointment, try to avoid chewing on the cracked tooth. Observe exactly where the pain is so you can let your dentist know.
Call your Lockport dentist Dr. Igor Kaplansky if you think you might have a cracked tooth!