Full Smile Makeover: Dental Implants, Crowns, & Clear Braces

Did you know that space in between teeth is known as diastema?
These spaces occur naturally in smiles of all shapes and sizes, but some patients are unhappy with the look and seek help from Dr. Kaplansky to close the gaps.
If all of your teeth are present, yet there is still spacing, this is still normal. Additionally, if some of your teeth never came in, there could be large spacing that you also want to close.

Cosmetic Dental Options Tailored For You

With a combination of Invisalign , conventional orthodontics with braces, dental implants, and porcelain crowns , we transformed this patient’s smile! Dr. Kaplansky performed every aspect of this treatment right here in our Lockport dental office.

Want A Smile Makeover? Contact Us Today

Dr. Kaplansky & Dr. Smith are happy to evaluate your smile and find the right procedure for you if you live in the area! Our dental office is located in Gasport, near Wrights Corners and Highland Park.

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