Orthodontic treatment of very crowded teeth

In addition to straightening teeth and creating more beautiful smiles, we also use braces to create much-needed space between overly crowded teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment for Very Crowded Teeth

As you’ll see in the “before” photos, this patient’s teeth were extremely tight with no elbow room at all! Dr. Kaplansky chose orthodontic treatment to gradually expand this patient’s smile and create room for each individual tooth.
Having enough room between teeth is a crucial aspect of oral hygiene, as it allows you to brush, floss, and get rid of any bacteria or food build-up that naturally occurs over time.

Schedule Your Wrights Corners Braces Consultation

If you’re interested in braces in Lockport to help fix your crowded teeth, call our dental office at (716) 772-7500 and ask to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Smith or Dr. Kaplansky!

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