Severe crowding correction with braces and it only took 16 months

Straight teeth don’t just look better than crowded teeth, but they’re usually more healthy as well. When teeth become too crowded or get pushed into unnatural angles, it’s easier for bacteria and disease to creep in and harder to keep these problems out of your smile.

Reversing Gum Disease Through Orthodontia

This patient’s orthodontic treatment not only helped with the appearance of her smile but also helped with her inflamed and infected gums that were a symptom of her gingivitis. Dr. Kaplansky noticed the early signs of gum disease and worked hard to correct the patient’s bite and reverse their gum disease before becoming permanent.
Just 16 months in orthodontic treatment gave this patient a beautiful smile she will enjoy for a lifetime!

Treatment for Gum Disease in Terrys Corners

If you notice warning signs of periodontal disease due to severe overcrowding in your smile, don’t wait to get your Lockport dentist involved! When you act quickly, Dr. Igor Kaplansky and Dr. Samantha Smith can often reverse the condition and save your teeth.

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