One of the ways we can provide you with consistent high-quality dental care is by using state-of-the-art technology whenever it benefits you. We are committed to staying current with all the latest advances in technology to bring you efficient care that produces outstanding results every time.

Magnification Assisted Precision

Dr. Kaplansky uses highest quality, American-made illuminated surgical telescopes to enhance and magnify image as well as provide precise lighting during dental procedures. This results in less invasive, more accurate, and more comfortable dentistry for his patients.

Sonic-Activated Filling System

We do not use unsightly and potentially harmful to your health amalgam to fill teeth. All our fillings are matched in color to your natural enamel. One of the greatest recent advances in dental materials that Dr. Kaplansky uses is sonic-activated fillings. Sonic activation of the composite filling material dramatically lowers the viscosity during placement providing superior adaptation to the cavity walls. What's in it for me, you might ask. Not only your fillings now are faster and easier than before, but you also get a stronger, more dense filling with no voids and that means stronger teeth with less sensitivity!

Cone Beam Computed Tomography 3D Scanner

Dr. Kaplansky was one of the first in New York State to invest into a CBCT unit. It stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. You can think of it as a dental CAT scan. This machine produces amazingly accurate 1:1 images of teeth and jaws in 3D with a very low radiation exposure. We use it extensively for implant surgery planning, complicated extraction cases, as well as root canal treatments and orthodontics. Better imaging leads to better diagnosis and precision in planning that in turn leads to better treatment outcomes and much happier patients.

Computerized Tooth Shade Matching

The foundation of a successful cosmetic dental treatment is based on carefully matching the shade of the restoration to your own teeth to produce natural results that enhance your appearance. VITA Easyshade ® is an innovative device that uses advanced color-matching technology to accurately reproduce the shade of your natural teeth. The process is comfortable, efficient, and produces highly dependable results compared to a manual handheld shade guide.
Using a safe, comfortable LED light, we simply touch the device to the tooth to be treated. The results are wirelessly delivered to a special computer program that produces accurate shade suggestions, allowing us to provide a cosmetic restoration that looks completely natural.